Nadoka: IRC Client Server Program

written by SASADA Koichi

What's this?

Nadoka is IRC Client Server program. It's same concept as madoka.

You can do with this software:

How to get it?

Download follows.

old versions

nightly package

Subversion repository via http

You can access nadoka head source code in subversion repository via http. See nadoka trunk page.

How to install?

extract and put these to favorite place.

How to use?

like this:

  ruby nadoka.rb --rc [rcfile]
  ruby nadoka.rb -r [rcfile]

You must specify your rcfile.

/nadoka command

You can use /nadoka command from client.

/nadoka quit   # quit nadoka
/nadoka reload # reload nadokarc

How to write configuration file(rcfile)?

See nadokarc.

How to make bot?

See ndk_bot.rb and plugins/samplebot.nb. bot file's ext must be 'nb'.




Web Page

Nadoka: IRC Client Server Program is nadoka's homepage.


ML is available. ML System is QuickML.

Send mail to 'nadoka at' with CC 'ko1 at'.

Please write some body messages. If mail's body is empty, you can not join this ML(ml system limitation).

ML archive is available(



SASADA Koichi / ko1 at atdot dot net